Project management processes can be broken down into five groups – initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and closing.  Each group defines an important phase in the project management process and draws on different skills and knowledge.

Here is a brief background of each group.

  1. Initiating – This is the beginning phase in which the project is authorized.  Before beginning any project it must be defined.  Specific goals need to be set.  Ideas must be brainstormed.
  2. Planning – This phase describes how the project will be managed.  Certain tasks are delegated so that everyone in the group knows their role and what is to be expected of them. Timelines are set.  It is a preparatory phase in which all aspects of the project are analyzed.
  3. Executing – This is the phase in which all the planning is finally put into action.  The project manager’s role now is to make sure all the different groups are working together to complete their delegated work.
  4. Monitoring and Controlling – It’s important to make sure the project is progressing as was planned.  During this phase the project manager monitors the progress and corrects any issues or problems uncovered.
  5. Closing – This can mean the formal closing of the project or the formal closing of a phase in the project.  During this phase the project or a specific phase of the project receives approval and is ended.

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