A native of Southern California, Nathan Jurczyk has lived in Orange County, California for more than 25 years.

Nathan Jurczyk currently serves as Vice President of Merchant Services, based in Irvine, California.  Merchant Services, a leading provider of e-commerce solutions designed to assist businesses with expanding market share while reducing operating costs, provides a wide array of financial solutions to tens of thousands of businesses nationwide.

Merchant Services provides business consultation services to companies looking to increase their visibility and merchandising effectiveness in the community through an approach designed to maximize operational efficiency and improving their overall e-commerce support systems.

Through the effective sales of alternative capital programs, gift card and stored value product initiatives, web design and internet platform support, advertising, marketing and electronic transaction systems, Merchant Services has continued to expanded its market share year over year for more than 15 years.

Nathan Jurczyk received a Bachelor of Science degree with honors in political science from the University of California.

In his personal time, Nathan enjoys cooking for friends and family, wine, recreational travel, and working to support effective and impactful nonprofit organizations.

He has had the opportunity to work in collaboration with a number of exceptional community organizations, including AIDS Services Foundation Orange County, the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and the Orange County Rescue Mission.

Nathan Jurczyk encourages people to seek out an opportunity to support community organizations and international NGOs focused on improving the human condition and which strive to strengthen the health of fragile ecosystems and global communities in need.

He currently resides with his family in Orange County, California.